Notah Begay III Junior Golf National Championship

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can register?
Anyone can register for their respective qualifiers! We do not require players to submit resumes, rankings or any other qualifications!



How Many Times Can A Player try to Qualify at the 18 hole stage?
As many as they like and once they qualify they will receive a full refund back for those they have signed up for in advance. You can also register to play in another qualifier after you have competed the first time in case you did not make it to the Regional level.



What are the division breakdowns?
We will have the following divisions: Boys 14-18 Boys 13 & Under Girls 14-18 Girls 13 & Under



What division do I sign up for based on my age?
A player’s age division is determined by their age on the date of the final round of the National Championship, which is November 16th, 2021. For Example, if a player turns 14 in July of 2021, they will compete in the Boys 14-18 Division throughout the entirety of the Series even though they may be 13 during a Local or Regional Qualifier. If a player turns 14 on November 18th, 2021, then the player will compete in the 13 & Under Division throughout the entirety of the Series.

* If you have a question regarding what age division you should be competing in, please email When you register, our system will automatically put you in the correct age division based on your Date of Birth on November 16th, 2021 (the final day of the Championship). 



How many players are needed to receive the qualifying spots?
As long as there are player's competing in a division, the JGNC Committee will award the respective qualifying spots per tournament. The NB3 JGNC is an open series and provides the same opportunities to all golfers across the country to play their way into the National Championship. If a division has 0 players registered, the JGNC Committee will decide if they want to allocate the remaining qualifying spots to other divisions. This decision is at the discretion of the JGNC Committee and all factors will be evaluated before the decision is made. This applies to the first and second stage of qualifying.



When I qualify do I compete next at the 2- Day Tournament in that region?
Yes- You also can request to compete in another regional if they are spots available by writing us at



How many spots are awarded to players that try to qualify at each level?
18 hole Level- Approximately  50 percent of the players that compete will move onto a 2 Day Regional Tournament. You can click on any tournament on our schedule to see the exact number of spots compared to how may are competing.

36 hole Level- Approximately 20 players per division will compete to earn a spot in the Championship. There will be a maximum of 3 spots available depending on the division.  Each Regional Tournament will have a max field of anywhere between 120 to 180 players competing.  Each division will verify by number to make up the max field of players. You can click on any of the 2 day tournaments on our schedule to see the exact number of spots compared to how many are competing.



Do you need to be a member to play?
No, there is no membership fee required!



Am I eligible to play in the National Championship if I turn 19 before but played in the Regional Qualifier as an 18 year old?
If a player participates in a Regional Qualifier while they are 18 and turn 19 before the National Championship, they will NOT be able to compete. NO EXCEPTIONS WILL BE MADE



How does the alternate process work?
A player who is an alternate will be notified of an opening as soon as it is available. The player will have 48 hours to accept an invitation or else they will be bypassed and the next player on the list will be contacted by the JGNC Committee. This applies to the first and second stage of qualifying.



How much is the National Championship?
The National Championship will be FREE of charge for all players competing. Information on transportation and hotel accommodations will be made available closer to the Championship.



If I am in college and on a golf team can I compete in the Series & National Championship?
If a player turns 19 before the National Championship on November 14th - 16th OR is attending college and playing on a college golf team, they will NOT be allowed to compete.