Notah Begay III Junior Golf National Championship

2-Day Tournaments Like No Other
Play your way into one of our Regionals and you won’t be disappointed! By qualifying your way into one of our Regional Tournaments, you will have the opportunity to advance to our Championship. Whether or not you advance, ALL participants will experience a professionally run, high caliber 36-hole ranked event.
Qualifying Information
The Notah Begay III Jr. Golf National Championship Series (NB3 JGNC) is a 2-stage qualifying process culminating in a 54-hole National Championship that will air on Golf Channel during a 2-hour broadcast. The Series, is open to all players. In 2021 players will qualify at the local level and then move onto the regional tournament.
The NB3 culminates our series with a 2 hour Championship show that airs on Golf Channel each year in December. A total of 150 boys and girls from all of our age divisions will make it to our 54 hole three day finale that takes place in mid-November. If you missed this year’s broadcast , check it out.
Upcoming Events
SSJC Alabama Local Qualifier
February 27-28
RTJ Golf Trail at Highland Oaks - Highlands
Dothan, AL
Houston Local Qualifier
February 28
Wildcat Golf Club - Lakes
Houston, TX
Jacksonville Local Qualifier
February 28
Bent Creek Golf Course
Jacksonville, FL
North Florida Jr Golf Foundation
San Jose Local Qualifier
March 7
Coyote Creek Golf Club - Valley
Morgan Hill, CA
Latest Results
San Antonio Local Qualifier
February 21
Boys 14-18
Gonzalez. R (+1)
Taboada. F (+1)
Willars. C (+1)
Boys 13 & Under
Le. A (-2)
Thompson. W (+6)
Cisneros Hernandez. C (+9)
Girls 14-18
Matthews. M (-2)
Pickrell. K (+1)
Gonzalez. J (+1)
Girls 13 & Under
Yadav. K (+9)
Kneer. L (+10)
White. R (+25)
Timacuan Regional Qualifier
January 30-31
Boys 14-18
Barahona. R (E)
Morishita. K (+1)
Polo-Bodart. G (+2)
Boys 13 & Under
Nana Tanke. R (+4)
LaNasa. J (+9)
Wang. Z (+11)
Girls 14-18
Yokoyama. T (+5)
Ma. B (+5)
Mesones. M (+10)
Girls 13 & Under
Zhang. A (E)
Jadhav. K (+9)
Iordanov. A (+38)
2020 Notah Begay III National Championship
November 15-17
Boys 14-18
Valdes. B (-9)
Dunlap. N (-9)
Doyle. M (-5)
Boys 13 & Under
Gross. N (-18)
Hurd. S (-5)
Malcom. P (-4)
Girls 14-18
Stephens. A (-8)
McCauley. I (-5)
Kovelesky. C (E)
Girls 13 & Under
Wilson. Y (-13)
Han. H (-7)
Messimer. M (-4)